Producer Increases Efficiency, Productivity, And Safety With Lift Assist Industrial Manipulator

Case Study
by Richard Hunt

The Client and Its Challenge:

This global diversified and innovative technology producer of thousands of products in dozens of diverse markets manually lifted, handled, and packed heavy, pressure-sensitive rolls of consumer labels for shipment. Each shift handled a couple hundred rolls, ranging from 50 to 250 pounds each, exposing the workers to potential back injury and the company to subsequent costly workers’ compensation claims.

The AiroLift Solution:

An AiroLift industrial manipulator lifting device was custom designed with adjustable capacities to lift, upend, and lower pressure-sensitive rolls ranging in size, diameter, and dimensions.

Our AirOlift specialist remained on-site during installation and start-up and conducted a training course to demonstrate use of the equipment and the best practice for efficient operation and injury prevention.

The Results:

A review of the new process using the AiroLift lifting system showed that productivity was up 40% in comparison to the previous method of manual roll handling. In increased productivity alone, a study showed that the company’s investment into the AiroLift lift assist industrial manipulator was returned in about two years.

In a recent interview, the maintenance manager of the facility had this to say about the industrial manipulator that he originally purchased nearly a decade ago, “We’ve had no breakdowns… It’s a workhorse that helps our operations lift product as safely and productively as possible. I can’t imagine operating without it”. He added that “it has saved wear and tear on (their) people and boosted morale”. Since installing the original custom designed lift assist industrial manipulator, the plant has eliminated lift-related injuries in that part of the plant process.

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