VT Flipper Tool

  • Industry: Pharmaceutical
  • This ergonomic flipper table will clamp, lift and roate trays of vials and/or glass containers.
  • Eliminates repetitive motion disorders such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Pneumatically controlled for a precise and complete roation cycle
  • Constructed of “buffed” 316L stainless steel
  • Al welds and fitting are free of inclusions
  • Clamping pads are FDA approved
  • All push buttons are protected from wash down procedures
  • The operator must maintain two hands on the push buttons, which are ergonomically placed on the control panel, to progress through it’s cycle.
  • And E-Stop (Emergency stop button) is incorporates for a fail-safe operation
  • The unit uses “Shop” air eliminating the need for electrical components and all air exhaust is vented outside the room.

AiroLift with Cheese Box Attachment

The Problem: A Mid-western company needed to extract cheese from a box.
The Solution: An AiroLift with cheese/box extractor manufactured by Conec.
The Result: A 25% + Increase in production

The unit will provide suction, with dual Venturi pumps and 2 Large, rectangular (FDA Approved) cups lift, then pneumatically extract the cheese with dual pistons. The unit shown has 250 lb capacity and 59″ of vertical lift. All components are constructed of 304/316L stainless steel including the protective enclosure. “Dairy” switches are used for protection during sash-down procedures. As with all Conec lifting equipment, safety is a top priority. The operator can’t release when cheese is in the air and in the event of a catastrophic air los the cheese can’t be extracted from the box. A self-leveling handle is also included.

AiroLift Rigid Manupulator on Articulating Jib Crane with Powered Extended Reach

Our new rigid system is an addition to the AiroLift product line/ this system incorporates a special “Heavy Duty Four Point Radial Contact Bearing” top swivel and a side linear bearing for extra support. This rigid manipulator has all of the benefits of a regular AiroLift such as light weight and lower cost, but is completely rigid. The powered extended reach can be a benefit for those difficult areas with no overhead clearance.

AiroLift with Clamping Attachment

This unit was designed to pneumatically clamp a “heated” glass crucible with a capacity of 120 lbs. The attachment has a 16″ clamping range, the arms are shielded and the pads are heat resistant to protect from a maximum temperature of 1000°F. No rotation is needed. Our standard handle in included. Are there applications in your territory?

AiroLift with Cheese Barrel Rotator

This unit was designed to pneumatically clamp cheese into a fiber barrel, lift and rotate 180°. The maximum capacity is 750 lbs with a 40″ vertical lift. This unit is constructed of stainless steel, including the bellows cover and top swivel assembly. The operator has total control in the high and/or low stacking mode due to dual controls. Increase productivity by suspending this AiroLift from a single girder, enclosed track system. Are there applications in your territory?

AiroLift with Bag Clamping Fixture

This unit was designed to retrieve up to a 250 lb, poly-type bag of beans. The attachment encapsulates the bag on the floor or on a pallet so to keep the integrity of the 24″ x 38″ bags while lifting. After lifting the attachment will have an instantaneous/rapid release after the operator positions the bag in its target area. The result, a highly productive and ergonomically safe operator. Are the applications in your territory?

AiroLift with 90° upender and 360° Swivel at Cup

This unit was designed for a national manufacturer of computer equipment. The unit has 60 lb maximum capacity and 30″ of vertical lift available. The attachment incorporates a 90° upender, a low profile rotary joint (2.25″) and a 360° swivel at the cup. The sequence of operation is to pick the server from a conveyor, rotate for inspection, place Styrofoam inserts on each end, “downend” and place into box. Are there application in your territory?

AiroLift with a Vacuum/Clamping Attachment

Industry: Electronics Conec Unit: A700-62-V/C
Attachment: Vacuum & Clamping Capacity: 780 lbs.
Vertical Lift: 61″ Clamping Range: 30″ – 75″

Brief Description: This unit was manufactured for high cycles, it has suction cups that will automatically actuate depending on the size of the product they are lifting and is constructed of aluminum. The unit also has a dual pump safety system to protect against catastrophic air loss and safety interlocks to prevent the operator from releasing the load while lifting. The unit was designed to lift the TV’s and slowly lower into a box/ The ergonomic handle/control panel is extended, vertical and adjustable.

AiroLift with Manual Rotator

Industry: Electronics Conec Unit: A700-62-V/C Attachment: Vacuum & Clamping
Capacity: 780 lbs. Vertical Lift: 61″ Clamping Range: 30″ – 75″

This unit was designed to pneumatically clamp a drum and/or filter, lift and manually dump up to 350 lbs capacity. This hand wheel, for manual dumping, offers a 20:1 reduction on lighter capacities and a 40:1 for heavier capacities. As an option, we can incorporate two speeds. A high speed lift and creep speed for accurate positioning. This is a competitive alternative to a pneumatic drum rotator. Are there applications in your territory?

AiroLift with 180° Panel Inverter

  • Lifts and rotates panels for the furniture, electronics, glass and various other industries.
  • The rotation is intermittent for precise positioning to 180&def;
  • Highly productive due to single hanging point.
  • Allows for off-center loading
  • Capacities to 350 lbs
  • Standard lifting heights up to 60“
  • Full 360° rotation to eliminate tangled hoses
  • Air logic controls are housed in a protective enclosure
  • Utilizes “Shop” air
  • The unit will not drop a load due to catastrophic air loss protection
  • Ergonomically designed controls to increase operator productivity
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction
  • Vacuum indicator and gauge is located in the operator’s view at all times to maintain operator confidence.
  • Low dB levels eliminating excess noise pollution
  • Numerous other manipulation options available